Dog Care Friends 4 Paws offers a pet care routine bespoke to you and your dog’s needs

  • Book one-off or regular outings

    We know that needs vary – that’s why we offer a flexible service. Book a single visit or something more regular. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

  • Home visits

    Whether you’re at work or play, you can rely on us to drop in on your animals or collect your dog for walks at an agreed time. We will make sure your pet has the  care and attention you specify and the affection, socialisation and exercise they need.

  • Puppy playtime

    Puppies need a lot of attention. We can visit for playtime and “toilet breaks” for little ones not quite ready for walkies.

  • Whatever the weather

    We walk come rain or shine. If we do get wet or dirty on our walk, we will make sure your dog is as dry and clean as possible before returning home.

  • Group walks or one-on-one

    We usually walk dogs in groups of no more than 3 or 4 at a time. This gives the dogs chance to play with each other and generally socialise. At the same time, smaller groups mean we can get to know each dog and give him or her plenty of time, fuss and attention.

    Alternatively, if you choose, we can walk your dog individually. This might be the case where you have a young puppy or a much older dog who really need and deserve a more one to one relationship with their walker.

  • Walks any time of day

    We offer dog walking mornings, lunchtimes and afternoons – whenever your dog needs exercise.

  • Rely on us

    Be assured there is a totally reliable and caring pet and paw focused service on call. You no longer need to feel guilty about leaving your dog, cat or other animal when you go out to work, off for the whole day or on holiday.

  • Countryside walks

    We love Bristol, but it’s also great to get out of the city and explore the countryside around us. We know your dog will agree. Worried about dirty paws? We’ve got it covered, so your house isn’t.

  • Vet Trips

    Your pet needs treatment but you can’t take them? We can collect your pet, transport them to the vet and bring them home safely afterwards

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